Running for cover

Sustainable forestry models have great environmental benefits. Do they also make commercial sense?

After the bankruptcy epidemic

The financial woes of US farmers have spread from select sectors in specific regions to swathes of the industry. What will the market look like in a few years’ time?

A U-turn in Ukraine?

Since 2001, a moratorium has prevented farmland sales in Ukraine. We analyze what would happen to prices if it were lifted.

Dodging disasters

Often ripe for disruption, emerging-market agribusiness offers abundant promise – and plenty of pitfalls. Here are some hints on how to side-step them.

Roadblocks for blockchain

The ability to track agricultural products end-to-end across the supply chain could solve many problems, and help farmers capture more value – but it’s not without obstacles.

You’ve got it wrong on discount rates

Investors continue to rely on traditional metrics when trying to price timberland acquisitions. That’s a mistake, and it will have consequences.

How to milk it in the almond business

California’s nut orchards have been recovering from a cold snap. But patient investors that keep their cool can still double their money in a matter of years.

Why farmland is priceless

Most landowners look to soil quality and commodity prices to determine how much rent farmers should pay them. They often get it wrong.

What ag can do for your sovereign fund

UK researchers believe including farmland and timber in SWFs’ portfolios enhances their long-term performance. Should we be convinced?

Markets trump everything, says Vilsack

President Obama’s secretary of agriculture tells Agri Investor why he’s working to forge long-term partnerships in China as the Trump Administration follows through on its campaign promise of trade war with the country.

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