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Predictions for UK M&A in the second half of the year range from ‘lacklustre’ to ‘a write-off’.
Having a voice on regulations for food trade and agriculture is the key to creating a long-term investment environment in a UK outside Europe.
Potential post-Brexit models, such as those used by Switzerland and Canada, would change the way UK managers raise money in the EU.
The bank warns the UK not to expect food prices to remain low outside the EU.
Bidwells consultant Ian Monks says high quality land should hold its value, but less high quality farmland might become cheaper and more available.
The long-term future of Britain's farmland values remains uncertain, with analysts divided on whether the market will be hit by subsidy cuts or stay flat.
A survey by fund administrator Augentius found that 85% of the European and 81% of the US private equity and real estate firms want Britain to remain in the EU.
MSCI vice-president Colm Lauder has said a vote for Brexit could negatively impact UK farmland and forestry for years to come.
The fall in prices has been exacerbated by uncertainty over the UK's position in the EU, but the drop in values has not yet had any serious implications for rural lending.
Stamp duty land tax for higher taxpayers has gone up, but capital gains tax has gone down, making exits for some more palatable.

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