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Stamp duty land tax for higher taxpayers has gone up, but capital gains tax has gone down, making exits for some more palatable.
On 23 June, the British public goes to the polls to vote on the country’s membership of the European Union, but the private equity industry has already voiced its opinion.
Agriculture market participants on both sides of the Brexit debate are putting their cases, but where does that leave businesses?
Financial support for farmers and access to the EU market are key sticking points for agriculturalists standing against an EU exit for Britain.
As the UK inches closer to a summer referendum on whether to remain a member of the European Union, sister publication PEI is polling the industry to find out where it stands on the prospect of ‘Brexit’.
Leaving the EU could lead to some painful years for UK agribusinesses, warned researcher Allan Buckwell, but is unlikely to lead to a long-term slump in farmland prices.

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