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The global market for organic food is estimated at over €80bn and forecast to grow, despite high production risks.
Global agriculture businesses are increasingly turning to the ‘Industrial Internet of Things’ to meet environmental targets and boost yields, according to a new study. But obstacles to using this technology remain.
A new report from the FAO of the United Nations warns that agricultural yield gaps in lower-income countries are likely to widen further because public and private investment is concentrated in high-income countries.
The Paris climate agreement's call for 'results-based payments' and 'internationally transferred mitigation outcomes' means the forest carbon sequestration market is set to boom, argues Roger Williams of Blue Sky.
The pension fund is rolling its agri, timber, real estate, infrastructure and energy asset managers into a single division, but says each will operate independently.
The paper says private companies concentrate too much on short-term profit margins, and that more research has to be carried out with public funding.
The VC-backed company will look at how agriculture can help humans survive on space colonies.
The emerging markets' middle classes are beginning to shape agri demand in unexpected ways, said Marc Sadler of the World Bank at this week's Agri Investor Forum in Chicago.
The LDN Fund is part of a growing movement to restore land worldwide. Here Simone Quatrini, founder and co-ordinator of the fund, discusses its history and targets.
How can public institutions, development agencies, investors, researchers and producers work together to build a food sector that propels economic growth, meets demand and helps maintain social stability?

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