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Running for cover

Sustainable forestry models have great environmental benefits. Do they also make commercial sense?

You’ve got it wrong on discount rates

Investors continue to rely on traditional metrics when trying to price timberland acquisitions. That’s a mistake, and it will have consequences.

Time to discount the discount rate?

In an interview with ForestEdge’s Robert Hagler, we explore various paths to getting more accurate discount rates – and attempt to predict where rates are likely to go in the near future.

Exclusive: Row-crop returns to stay beneath 8 percent over next half decade

Boston-headquartered AgIS highlights rising interest rates as the greatest near-term threat to agriculture in its annual market overview, of which Agri Investor was able to get a preview.

An IRRitating metric

Is the internal rate of return the most appropriate way of presenting investment performance?

What ag can do for your sovereign fund

UK researchers believe including farmland and timber in SWFs’ portfolios enhances their long-term performance. Should we be convinced?

First evidence that ag, timber boost SWF long-term returns

Allocating 15% of a portfolio to the asset class can help sovereign funds grow 27% faster over nine years, fresh research estimates.

‘Robust’ timber performance lifts Montana fortunes

Positive cash flows have helped assuage outflows generated by the energy portfolio as Chinese demand boosts forestry.

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