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The government’s C$1.8m investment with the University of British Columbia is one of 20 new research projects supported by the Agricultural Greenhouse Gases Program aimed at emissions mitigation in the ag sector.
The Swiss agrochemicals company and the development agency have renewed their commitment to work together towards developing agriculture in Africa, Asia and Latin America, renewing a partnership that began in 2013.
Instead of being ‘poverty traps,’ rural areas can drive economic growth in developing countries, the FAO says.
The organization reckons the issue is an increasingly serious threat to public health and food production.
The government has turned to the private sector to back 38 projects in drinking water, sanitation, dams and irrigation.
Trade groups and the USDA expressed hope that the next step will be an agreement to limit the geographic scope of bans that come in response to future bird flu outbreaks.
The investment seeks to capitalize on what the company sees as an 'inflection point' in both commercial and personal use of hydroponic equipment.
The $60m vehicle is the third farmland fund from the Iowa-based firm, which is also active in pork and Brazilian ethanol.
Despite having widely supported leaving the EU, British farmers are showing a loss of confidence in the sector’s future post-Brexit, an NFU survey finds.
South Africa’s agricultural sector has shown consistent improvement, but controversial land reform could hurt capital investment, according to Agbiz.

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