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The challenging profit margin environment US farmers face will continue until at least 2018, according to Rabobank’s senior grains and oilseeds analyst Sterling Liddell.
Economists say that a gradual easing of federal estate tax since 2001 limits the impact of one of President-elect Trump's most specific proposals for agriculture.
A US Chamber of Commerce report details the current state of agricultural trade between China and the US and advocates steps to unlock additional growth before 2025.
US crop insurance subsidies cause inefficient farming and expensive pollution to waterways, a Union of Concerned Scientists paper argues.
An improved economic outlook for Brazil promises stability for investors, says Aqua Capital's Sebastian Popik.
Increased scrutiny of foreign investment means complexity and costly delays for investing in the Australian agribusiness sector, a government report has found.
New policies to conserve water must be put into place in order to feed a growing global population, according to a recent report presented to the Kansas City Federal Reserve.
The USDA has revised the forecast for the year, and also expects major grains to be badly affected until 2020.
USDA will provide most of the funding for 10 projects to preserve and enhance wetlands, deepening government support for easement projects.
Growth in the US organic market needs to be backed by better access to seeds, according to the Organic Seed Alliance.

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