Agtech investment nears $1bn in 2014

Agtech companies attracted $297m in Q3, breaking a record for the sector, according to i3Connect, the research group.

Agriculture and food technology investment attracted $297 million in investment from venture capital, corporate and private equity investors in the third quarter of this year, according to real-time data from research group, i3Connect.

This is the biggest Q3 volume since i3 started collecting data in 2009 and takes investment into the sector to $954.6 million so far this year.

Attractive sub-sectors within agtech include precision agriculture and agdata companies that have brought traditional technology investors into the agriculture market.

Drone firms such as PrecisionHawk have attracted multiple investments this year including a $10 million investment from Millenium Technology Venture Partners, a US venture capital firm, in September.

Agriculture biology is another attractive sector, with a number of agbio firms reporting successful fundraises this year. Open Prairie and Cultivian Sandbox invested in the sub-sector in Q3 while Wheatsheaf Investments and agribusiness multi-nationals Monsanto, Syngenta and Novozyme, invested earlier this month.

The number of deals in each quarter of the year has been quite consistent despite the increasing dollar volumes; 46 deals happened in Q1, Q2 posted 51, and 47 deals contributed to Q3’s record-breaking volumes.

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