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Telstra’s decision to stop purchasing carbon credits in favor of direct emissions reduction is commendable but it has implications for carbon markets and natural capital.
Consultancy Bain & Company found the sector was among a select quartet to register growth in 2023 by passing on price increases to consumers as input costs rose.
Farm land in Outback, Dubbo, Australia
More corporatization is occurring as the younger generation sells off family assets to investors who may be better placed to deal with the industry’s growing challenges.
US row crop revenue growth depends on the country’s ability to tap new export markets in a time of growing competition from the Black Sea and LatAm, while reducing a reliance on Chinese buyers.
At PEI’s annual Women in Private Markets Summit in New York, LPs discussed the power dynamic with GPs and what they expect from managers they work with.
Arkansas' ESG Oversight Committee has the power to force the state's Teacher Retirement System to divest from private investment funds managed by GPs deemed to be discriminating against companies on ESG grounds.
Aerial view water treatment tank with waste water
The firm has held a $100m first close on a strategy that promises to mobilize $5.6 for every dollar spent.
vineyards with red wine grapes
China’s devastating wine tariffs, changing consumer preferences and an oversupply of grapes is forcing recapitalization and compensation plans.
The biological inputs pioneer has been sold for parts after failing to raise further capital, but it was still considered an important strategic acquirer as recently as September 2021.
The traditional agrifood and forestry fund managers and investors rose to the top in 2023 after climate buyers muscled their way in the previous year.

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