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Looking for lessons from a mammoth sale

CPPIB’s exit from its US farmland holdings, and the possibility that the buyer was connected to Bill Gates, could signal a change of tack among makers of the farmland market; but it also highlights a need for greater transparency.

Indian ag: fertile or futile?

The subcontinent’s middle class is not growing as fast as foreign companies would hope. But there are other reasons to invest in its agribusiness.

Upside Down Under

The level of institutional interest in Australian agriculture is nothing short of historic. Is it because of the market’s intrinsic attractiveness or the paucity of opportunities elsewhere?

Can agri be defensive?

Agriculture has done well in the benign post-crisis environment created by central banks. But is it equipped to survive shocks?

Can agriculture be climate-proofed?

This year has shown how much farmers stand to lose from global warming. Thankfully, financial innovation could come to the rescue – and provide investment opportunities.

Why are US LPs so domestic?

Various indicators suggest institutional interest in agri is on the rise. Yet, so far, the appetite of the asset class’s largest investors does not extend much beyond their borders.

Make or Brexit for UK ag investors

Agriculture will undergo drastic transformation once Britain leaves the EU, and investors will experience some highs and lows along the way.

An opening for open-ended funds

Novel asset classes must start somewhere, and often they start with private equity-like structures. Agriculture is no exception: most managers offer closed-ended funds, or are seeking to raise one. Over the last couple of weeks, however, two firms went on the record about launching open-ended vehicles. Coincidence or something more? Yesterday, we reported that Milltrust […]

Zimbabwe: From bread basket to basket case

Could Mugabe’s departure herald an opening up of the country’s agriculture sector to private investors?

Low prospects for a niftier NAFTA

Canadian agriculture has so far escaped President Trump’s attempt to rewrite trade rules. Will it last?