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Tariffs of up to 218.4% on Australian wine have all but eliminated exports to mainland China, which could not be replaced by growth in other markets.
Vehicles backed by GCC countries and Singapore have been the main drivers of a doubling of SWF participation in food and ag deals over the past five years, says IE University’s Javier Capapé.
University of Illinois professor Bruce Sherrick says trade, policy and inflation trends have created the most dynamic environment for farmland since the early years of last decade.
Senior analyst David Magana says strong export markets and new cultivars are helping draw investors who have long focused on almonds and walnuts into pistachios.
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Fundraising in Q1 2022 rose to $3.3bn from $2.6bn in the previous quarter, as the sector built on a record year in 2021.
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Annual farmland continues to outperform permanent farmland in the ANREV Australian Farmland Index, driven by high commodity prices and bumper yields.
Farm, Australia, Cotton Combine
Strong commodity prices, low interest rates and favorable weather combined to continue the upward trajectory of Australian farmland values.
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Bare agricultural land prices in England and Wales rose from £6,926 per acre in Q1 2021 to £7,875 in Q1 2022 – the highest 12-month price increase since 2014.
An annual report published by the Foreign Investment Review Board showed that the amount of water in foreign hands increased marginally again.
Partner Shelley Stewart describes an opportunity for agriculture to become an investment vertical for ‘post-George Floyd’ firms launched to pursue racial equity and social justice.

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