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Lessons from an African greenfield project

Elyza Daniel, an independent consultant, worked two years on a €25m Senegalese venture that ended up not happening. What did she learn?

Blend it like Beckham

Timber champions have demonstrated their interest in agri by building dedicated teams. It’s only a matter of time before they start mixing both asset classes in diversified vehicles.

Who’s afraid of emerging markets?

Timber and ag investors seem more eager to travel to developing countries than peers in other asset classes. Why is that?

Why a Chinese investor is fast becoming France’s bête noire

A string of opaque land acquisitions has put the country’s farmers on edge. Should they be worried?

From plow to plug

At a time of mounting questions about the future of energy, UK farmers are becoming enthusiastic power producers. But they need more help.

How to get Australian supers to invest in their own backyard

Institutions from around the globe are looking to buy farms Down Under. Can the locals be convinced to do the same?

Timber investors are turning a leaf

Historical backers of the asset class, not least North American pensions, are seeking to hedge risks by redrawing their forestry strategy. But implementing new plans takes time.

Similar but different: The diverging fortunes of US and Canadian farmers

Tom Eisenhauer, president and chief executive of Bonnefield, explains the forces that keep pulling the fortunes of Canadian and US farmers apart.

Blunder Down Under

It’s not clear anyone will gain much from Australia’s latest tightening of foreign investment rules.

The sovereign wealth fund dilemma

State-backed vehicles have good reasons to invest in agriculture. Can they do it at scale without running into political hurdles?

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