DOWNLOAD: Too late to enter Australia?

From upcoming deals to emerging headaches, we analyze the dynamics underpinning the market to determine whether it’s worth the trek.

Few weeks pass without us receiving a prospectus for an Australian ag property coming on the block. Sizes, crops and regions vary; what doesn’t is the optimism of the advisors appointed to run such sales. Farmland of “superior quality,” we’re being told, is bound to attract “significant interest” from domestic bidders and overseas.

Yet a stack of large-scale assets has already been sold; demand for those that remain has risen in lockstep with prices. Growing government scrutiny, meanwhile, is making processes more complicated. Has the window of opportunity already closed for making the most of Australian assets?

In this presentation, we assess whether investors looking at the market have indeed missed the train – or whether they should jump onboard before it’s too late. We look at the pool of investors eying assets, canvass market insiders and put the data in perspective. Spoiler alert: there’s rumble Down Under, but fresh fruit to pick as well.

You can also download the presentation by clicking here.