Colliers predicts good year for Australia and New Zealand

A new report from the estate agency covers opportunities in sale-leaseback, the Northern beef market, the almond market, the wine grape market, the water market, fisheries and aquaculture and the New Zealand market.

A combination of the global spotlight on food security, growing demand from Asia and a falling Australian dollar is driving investment into Australia’s agriculture sector from overseas, according to Colliers International, a global real estate company. But interest from the domestic market has not weakened, argues the agency in its recent Research and Forecast report 2015.

Growing interest in sale-and-leaseback opportunities will continue to “represent an attractive and popular transaction for many business in the current financial and economic environment”, writes Nerida Conisbee, national director of research at Colliers and the report’s author.

The report predicts that Australia’s fishing and aquaculture sector will be worth $2.5 billion by the end of the 2014-15 financial year as Australia’s “clean and green” status, close proximity to Asian trading partners, skilled workforce and the new free trade agreement with China all support the market’s competitiveness, according to Colliers.

The report, which also discusses opportunities in New Zealand’s agriculture sector, has chapters on: sale-leaseback, the Northern beef market, almond market, wine grape market, water market, fisheries and aquaculture and the New Zealand market.

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