LISTEN: Why ag salaries are on the rise

In our first podcast, we speak to Kincannon & Reed's Jos Boeren to find out who's hiring, what résumés they want to receive and whether LPs and GPs are starting to compete for talent.

In any industry, being able to source the right people allows companies to stay on top of the food chain. That’s true of food & agriculture itself – with an extra challenge: in an emerging asset class, investors looking to fill their growing needs rely on a thin pool of talent.

That’s one of the takeaways of our first podcast, in which we sit down with Jos Boeren, global lead capital at exec search firm Kincannon & Reed. His comments tell much about the momentum that’s buoying the asset class – and exec salaries along with it.

In a sector that likes to speak about long-term partnerships, we find out that LPs and GPs sometimes go after the same people. We also ask whether you should expect a bigger bonus, and why there’s demand for direct investment skills in Africa. And more.