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Synthesis Capital – founded by two former VC investors at Jeremy Coller’s family office – has raised $300m for its debut alternative protein venture fund.
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The round overtakes Future Meat’s $347m 2021 Series B as the biggest yet from the cultured meat industry and comes at a time of increasing momentum and interest.
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The state passed a motion in March allowing cell-cultured meat producers to conduct tasting sessions, but sales of cultivated meat and dairy products are still prohibited in the EU.
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The company’s JUST egg product is sold in bottles in liquid form and can be used to make a variety of dishes such as scramble, omelette and baked goods.
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Evolving food production systems such as cell-cultured meat and novel uses of fermentation ‘are being combined with an entirely new model of production we call food-as-software,’ says RethinkX co-founder Tony Seba.
The agtech company chose to acquire the soy processing business instead of building out its own infrastructure to secure a faster route to market.
Remilk uses a fermentation process to produce animal-free dairy proteins and expects to launch its first products later this year.
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The partnership with PeakBridge will seek to make investments of between $3m to $5m in sectors including ingredient innovation and farming technology.
The impact investor has previously raised a seed fund, a VC fund and created the LiveKindly Collective, a $1bn roll-up of brands in the alternative protein sector.
The alternative protein start-up has taken its total capital raised to $2bn since being founded in 2011 and raised $700m in 2020.

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