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The firm has made early-stage investments in agricultural supply chain start-ups across Europe.
The company behind novel food products such as the mammoth meatball and quail parfait appeals to investors because it has no intention of replacing conventional meat.
Agtech monitoring raspberries plant health
The early-stage venture capital strategy was launched in December 2021 and has amassed a portfolio of more than 20 companies.
Plant-based burger, alternative protein
The first-time fund received backing from European Investment Fund, KfW Capital and BPI France, among others.
Protein bars
The plant-based protein business said it achieved profitability and a 500% growth rate between 2020 and 2023.
two tacos on a plate
Restaurant chain launched the vehicle with an initial $50m commitment in 2022 and has doubled its size less than two years later.
Seviora Capital’s T3F strategy has raised $173m to date for a 10-year closed-end fund focused on early-stage investments in agri-food companies across APAC.
Farm machines harvesting corn for feed or ethanol. The entire corn plant is used, no waste.
A Southeast Asian sovereign wealth fund has come onboard for ABC Impact Fund II, as ABC Impact Fund I nears full deployment.
Aleph Farms beef
USDA approval for Upside Foods and Good Meat was a significant milestone for an industry that has a long way to go before it appears on a supermarket shelf near you.
Chicken filet and waffles
‘Anti-scientific and anti-Italian’ cultured meat was prohibited from being sold by lawmakers in Italy, a rare setback for what has seemed to be a steady rise in interest in the sector.

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