Agri Investor teamed up with Brighton-based illustrator Lee Playle at our Responsible Investment Forum Europe event in London to find out.

Our idea was to create an illustrated A-Z wall based on suggestions from conference delegates of what each letter in the alphabet could represent, and you will find the results in the pages that follow. The challenge was as much a creative endeavor as a journalistic enterprise. Could our artist succeed in producing 26 illustrations by the end of the forum? Would the resulting illustrated wall adequately encapsulate the breadth of vision of what responsible investing in agri investing means?

Ada Arevelo, vice-president of Avanath Capital Partners, believes so. “I think the wall is amazing. It’s a great collaborative work that shows just how far we’ve come in the ESG principles in our various sectors.”

Such was the popularity of the A-Z at the forum that we decided to turn it into this magazine. No one is claiming the themes we have selected to focus on in these pages – climate change, natural capital, productivity, resource efficiency, urbanization, water management, the XX chromosome and zero waste – are a definitive list of all the issues currently in play in the world of responsible agri investing. But there is little doubt they represent some of the most pertinent sustainability concerns and core agenda items in the agri investment community at this moment in time.

To access the full A-Z of Responsible Investing special report, click here