Cultivation Capital leads $1.2m agtech financing round

S4 will use funding from more than five investors to consolidating its position in the US and grow in South America.

Technology and life sciences venture capital firm Cultivation Capital has led a $1.2 million financing round to invest in data and analytics company S4.

Syngenta Ventures, Biogenerator, Six Thirty Accelerator, The Yield Lab and other private investors joined in the round.

The financing is aimed at improving and expanding the company’s database-processing capabilities, consolidating its US market and developing sales in Argentina, where it is headquartered, and Brazil. S4 target clients include agri insurance providers, farm operators and suppliers.

The new funding will also be used to bring part of the company’s founding team to St Louis, an agri hub home to Monsanto and agri start-up base the Danforth Plant Science Center.

The company had attrached $2.23 million by the end of last year according to Crunchbase.

“S4’s technology makes innovative risk management tools available to valuable customer segments across the ag industry in the US and other major markets that we have not seen before,” said Syngenta Ventures managing director David Pierson in a statement, adding that S4’s ability to help transfer risk from the grower to the financial markets is groundbreaking.

Traditional agri data can come from multiple sources and be difficult to aggregate and interpret. According to the company, one of its advantages lies in being able to collect data from up to 16 years ago to inform its analytics.

Syngenta Ventures has invested more than $100 million since 2006. Cultivation’s portfolio includes the ag and fintech start-up accelerator SixThirty.