Farmland Reserve’s Springer joins USAG

Experienced row-crop farm manager Springer has been appointed regional director of acquisitions at the firm, which was formed by the merger of Halderman and US Agriculture last year.

Andy Springer has been appointed regional director of acquisitions at farmland investment firm US Agriculture.

He joins USAG after 25 years at US farm management firm Farmland Reserve. Springer managed or acquired farms across 13 states including Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Virginia and New York.

USAG manages and invests in several types of farmland, with a focus on row-crop farmland.

Managing director at USAG, Anatole Pevnev, told Agri Investor that Springer’s depth of knowledge and farm management relationships would help the USAG team identify high quality tenants and land:

“Andy is [located] in Illinois and has been focused on row crops for much of his career,” he said. “He is really a good fit with the acquisitions and property management side of the team. He knows a wide range of people and tenants throughout the Midwest.”

Springer has nearly 40 years of farmland acquisition, management and operations experience.
Farmland Reserve, which has not published information about its other clients, manages farmland holdings for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the US and Latin America.

USAG was formed in 2015, and merged with Halderman Real Asset Management, an agri-focused general partner whose institutional clients include the New Mexico Education Retirement Board, earlier this year.

The firm, whose executive chairman recently wrote that this is the best time to invest in US farmland since 2009, will develop co-mingled investment strategies — possibly funds — on top of the separately managed accounts service they currently manage.