Soil Capital hires CFO

The regenerative agriculture start-up has hired an EBRD banker to join its now four-strong team.

Soil Capital, a start-up focused on scaling regenerative agriculture projects across the livestock and cropping sectors, has hired a chief financial officer from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

Alejandro Trénor will start at the company in September. He will take the team to four, joining the two founders Charles de Liedekerke, chief executive, and Nicholas Verschuere, chief operating officer, and Yannic Delvaux, an analyst who joined when the firm was incorporated in December 2013.

Trénor has worked in agribusiness financing for six years and also has four years of real estate experience. Most recently he worked at EBRD  as principal banker focused on agribusiness. His work at EBRD included structuring and executing debt and equity investments for agribusinesses globally. He also analysed third party agribusiness funds including the Eastern European offering from New Century Holdings.

Soil Capital is still developing its investment strategy and plans, according to de Liedekerke. It is dedicated to regenerative agriculture, a term used to describe non-convetional farming techniques aimed at improving soil fertility, and with it, productivity. The firm will be presenting at the upcoming Savory Institute International Conference on Friday; the Savory Institute promotes large-scale restoration of the world’s grasslands and is a big promoter of regenerative agriculture techniques.