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Estate agents Knight Frank said it was unclear how much impact Brexit will have on values, but said stamp duty could have a substantial effect.
UK property agency Strutt & Parker says that overall, prices are continuing the slow decline that began last year, but investor interest should bolster values from 2018.
Four months on from the Brexit vote, the Conservative party conference provides some clues for what will happen next.
The largest farmland REIT in the US will grow to about $2bn within three years, after which it will expand into Australia and Canada, according to its chief executive.
The Paine & Partners investment in UK dairy Meadow Foods appears to be the first from a US private equity firm since Britain's Brexit vote.
The $14.2bn fund is investing in a pellet-producer with a guaranteed supply chain from Weyerhauser to sell to power plants in the UK.
The bank hopes the credit extension will help growers improve efficiency and offset volatility, but made no reference to Brexit.
Getting the passport before Brexit is crucial to avoid a period when managers would be unable to access EU investors.
Depressed commodity prices could be brought down further by Brexit market turmoil, meaning lower farmland values but better entry opportunities for investors, said USAG board chair Howard Halderman.
We're taking the temperature of LPs, GPs and service providers, including agri, forestry and food investors, on what will happen following the UK's vote to leave the EU.

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