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The fund manager could invest in areas such as on-shore aquaculture and greenhouses as its LSE-listed forestry investment trust nears flotation.
Hancock Natural Resource Group has rebranded as Manulife Investment Management Timberland and Agriculture and is to be led by former Credit Suisse real estate exec Christoph Schumacher.
The unit is the first of several collaborations envisioned for the C$390bn pension’s sustainable land management program, says managing director Nicolas Leyssieux.
New Forests is partnering with CDC Group, Finnfund and Norfund to launch the strategy, its first major foray into the African market.
The vehicle will pursue timberland investments in Ireland and the Baltics as well as permanent crop opportunities in Spain and Portugal.
Himbury is the ‘ideal candidate’ to replace retiring chairman Geoff Norman, said Stafford CEO Angus Whiteley.
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Sustainable Fitch director David McNeil says offsets can help 'counteract some of the drivers of deforestation and provide incentives for local long-term management.'
BTG’s Timberland Investment Group has partnered with Conservation International for an impact vehicle that is expected to raise $1bn within five years.
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The likes of Nuveen, HSBC and CPP Investments have aligned themselves to make long-term investments in emerging markets such as carbon capture.
The Canadian Pension has entered the voluntary market at an important stage in its development and wants to invest in decades long carbon-capture projects.

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