Agri Investor Global Awards – have you entered?

As innovation picks up and new players are attracted to the natural capital space, we want to recognize the standard bearers of the industry.

Has there ever been a better time for stakeholders operating in the private natural capital markets to be recognized for their work?

At Agri Investor towers, we really don’t think so. That’s why we launched the inaugural Agri Investor Global Awards at the start of November.

We think now is the best time for LPs, GPs, placement agents, law firms and agtech start-ups to showcase their work because the industry is not only under the microscope like never before, it is also drawing a record number of new players.

The main reason for the scrutiny is that agriculture and timberland have largely flown under the decarbonization radar, even while their industries contribute as much as 23 percent of all human-made greenhouse gas emissions, according to the IPCC.

On the flip side, sustainably managed farmland and timberland represent one of the best solutions the world has to mitigate climate change, due to their ability to capture and store carbon.

Approximately 2.6 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide – one-third of the CO2 released from burning fossil fuels – is absorbed by forests alone every year, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

With estimates showing there are nearly 2 billion hectares of degraded land across the world, the opportunity for restoration and impact in the timberland value chain is huge.

Looking more broadly at the need to feed 10 billion mouths by 2050 with reduced resources, cut pesticide and fertilizer use, shorten food supply chains and monetize natural capital benefits such as clean water and biodiversity, the drivers fueling innovation and an influx of new players into the space are many and varied.

It is within this evolving environment that we want to highlight the firms and institutions that can truly be regarded as the standard bearers of the industry.

With more than 30 categories covering every region across segments such as the deals and fundraisings of the year, through to the best investors and innovators of the year, we invite you to send us details of how your firm has stood out in the past 12 months.

The deadline for entries is December 31 and voting begins January 28, 2022.

Find details of the Agri Investor 2021 Global Awards and submissions process here.