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Ecosystem Investment Partners is raising $650m for its latest environmental restoration strategy that targets wetlands, streams and endangered species habitats.
CAM has added walnuts and pistachios to a portfolio that already includes investments in almonds and macadamia.
A group of investors debated the merits of considering nature-based solutions as part of an infrastructure portfolio, arguing that stable long-term offtake backed by real assets could make it a close fit.
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The fund will alongside multiple British scientific and research institutions to invest in start-up, spin-out and scale-up businesses linked to the bodies.
Tawny frogmouth, Podargus strigoides, is a species of frogmouth native to and found throughout the Australian mainland and Tasmania.
Australia’s Nature Repair Act came into effect in December and is expected to create a ‘world-first legislated, national, voluntary biodiversity market.’
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Domain Timber Advisors chief executive Joe Sanderson says a ‘quiet period’ has provided an opportunity for managers to strategize how they will meet LPs’ evolving forestry demands.
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Asset manager Gresham House has launched a $380m fund that will create habitat banks that generate biodiversity net gain units, which will be sold to real estate developers.
The firm has been working with Environment Bank for two years to develop its strategy in anticipation of biodiversity net-gain credits coming into effect.
Chief executive Alex Finkral says the firm’s Sumitomo-backed debut fund takes a broad approach to generating returns but neglecting carbon would mean 'you are probably doing your investors a disservice'.
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There is an urgent need to safeguard the biodiversity of our oceans by switching to onshore fishing, but capital has not been deployed at scale.

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