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Montreal-based Enerkem has just raised C$280m to build facilities in the US and Europe. We zoom in on the transaction’s structure and what it says about institutional appetite for advanced biofuels.
FPInnovations and Resolute Forest Products are launching a $17m venture that will produce bio-chemicals derived from wood, as part of an effort to renew the forest products industry.
‘Second-generation’ bioethanol has emerged stronger after the EU capped fuels produced from food crops and banned those made from palm oil. Market reactions were mixed.
The funding will go into expanding CerradinhoBio's production capacity for sugar ethanol and bio-based electricity.
The agency will provide loan guarantees of up to $250m to develop biofuel and chemicals projects.
Oregon biowaste and biomass business Pacific Ag will use the raise to acquire its regional competitor, Calagri.
Despite worries about competition for land over food and fuel production leading to food security fears, a DOE report says bioenergy and food security can be mutually supportive.
The USDA is investing $8.8m in advanced biofuel production from non-food plant sources, as it supports the industry in a challenging economic environment.
Equity-backed Biodico has received $1.2m in California grant money to bring renewable energy to US farms.
Seven US universities will receive funding for research to make biofuel production more efficient and less costly.

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