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Co-founder Daan Luining says the cultivated sausage and pork start-up wants to attract additional investors including strategics and plans to keep the round open through the end of the year.
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The firm wants to build up to a portfolio worth £100m and is targeting a 10-12% IRR.
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Deployment in PE halved year-on-year to $3bn in Q2 2023, while dry powder across strategies stood at $100bn, according to the firm's second-quarter earnings.
Aqua Capital's acquisition of Colorado-headquartered Novus will also allow the firm to get sustainable practices and technology in front of a wider range of farmers.
The vehicle has made five investments to date and plans to build out a portfolio of 20-25 companies all geared towards supporting ocean health.
Managing partner Rich Gammill says an opportunity to provide unitranche credit facilities to sponsor-backed food and beverage brands has been created by traditional banks' retreat.
Various colorful superfoods as acai powder, turmeric, matcha green tea, spirulina, quinoa, pumpkin seeds, blueberry, dried goji berries, cape gooseberries, raw cocoa, hemp seeds and other in bowls on dark background
The firm will invest in early-stage start-ups in Israel and Europe.
Head of sustainable food private equity Rik Vyverman says Indonesia is a promising market that shows investors often underappreciate opportunities available in countries labelled as ‘emerging.’
Wollemi Capital will use the money raised to make investments in companies, as well as build up its operations, according to founders Tim Bishop and Paul Hunyor.
The insurer has launched a €100m strategy to invest in up to 25 biomethane plants across Spain over a five-year period.

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