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The company behind novel food products such as the mammoth meatball and quail parfait appeals to investors because it has no intention of replacing conventional meat.
The seafood value chain fund has a $150m target and has welcomed Cambridge Associates as a new investor to the strategy.
Aquaculture, fish farming
Sustainable aquaculture fund has a €100m fundraising target.
Summa has been eyeing Scottish fish health business STIM since the GP was established in 2016, says partner Martin Gjølme.
Aleph Farms beef
USDA approval for Upside Foods and Good Meat was a significant milestone for an industry that has a long way to go before it appears on a supermarket shelf near you.
Eggs in a tray
The Sydney-based private equity firm will invest in Pace Farm through its Premium Food Fund, which is the vehicle’s sixth investment.
Insects represent a sustainable livestock feed alternative but British regulation is stuck with the same barriers erected in response to ‘mad cow’ disease in 2001, say Rachel O’Connor and Peter Smithers.
Sausages on BBQ
Co-founder Daan Luining says the cultivated sausage and pork start-up wants to attract additional investors including strategics and plans to keep the round open through the end of the year.
The vehicle has made five investments to date and plans to build out a portfolio of 20-25 companies all geared towards supporting ocean health.
Chicken filet and waffles
Participants at the Future Food-Tech Alternative Proteins conference in New York drew encouragement from the USDA's approval of cultivated chicken while examining challenges and opportunities across a diverse set of markets.

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