Tim Burrow, head of the trade association Agribusiness Australia, tells Agri Investor that despite a disappointing level of investment from superannuation funds into the local agricultural sector, the situation is slowly improving.
Marcus Frampton, APFC head of infrastructure, special income opportunities and hedge funds, offers his views on the timber market, benefits of the fund structure, and whether it can be applied to other agri sub-sectors.
Pipeline chief executive officer Eric Jackson spoke with Agri Investor about the current state of those supply chains, the role Pipeline hopes to play in increasing organic acreage and attractive investment areas the firm has identified.
Phillip Cummins, QIC’s global private equity principal, explains how the Australian investment manager is rethinking agribusiness, how it mitigates weather and commodity risk and why it would consider investing in water.
EXEO co-founder Herman Marais tells Agri Investor about drivers of African food demand growth and specific markets and subsectors he sees as most promising in the region.
Asher Troppe, CEO of Tress Capital, a strategic private equity firm investing in the cannabis sector, spoke to Agri Investor about his firm’s investment strategy as major changes sweep through the sector and create opportunities.
NMSIC chief investment officer Vince Smith and analyst Melanie Dubin share with Agri Investor their views on the evolution of timber vehicles, knowledge transfer and the importance of having 'boots on the ground.'
Christophe Lebrun, head of forestry investments at AXA Investment Managers- Real Assets, speaks with Agri Investor about the strategy behind its October purchase of a 958-hectare forest in France, the firm's investment preferences, and forestry's appeal to the firm and its investors.
Oregon PERF's senior alternatives investment manager Ben Mahon tells Agri Investor about the role of agriculture within a fund’s alternatives allocation and offers his views on what drives LPs' desire for direct investments.
Farmer Mac’s Curt Covington offers Agri Investor his thoughts on farmland values, alternative lenders and the specter of the 1980s for farmers in their approach to leverage.

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