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Investors in Brazilian land eye regulation, adapt: panel

Executives from Brookfield Brazil and TIAA-affiliate Westchester South America discussed the challenges facing foreign land investors in Brazil at an event hosted by the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce.

GPs seeking new transparency tools for LPs: PEI panel

At PEI’s COOs and CFOs Forum on Thursday in New York, fund managers examined the implications of increasing investor demands for information.

Greenspan blasts Dodd-Frank at PEI Media forum

The regulations have been viewed as complex and burdensome by opponents across industries.

Ag industry primed for private debt

At ACG New York’s monthly luncheon in Manhattan on Thursday, speakers identified debt funds as both the fastest growing and most sought after vehicles by institutional capital.

Supply contraction key to farmer margin recovery: Rabobank

The challenging profit margin environment US farmers face will continue until at least 2018, according to Rabobank’s senior grains and oilseeds analyst Sterling Liddell.

Consumer demand shifts to fuel further consolidation: Rabobank

Food industry mergers and acquisitions will continue to be shaped by rapidly-changing consumer tastes and an increasing focus on the health and environmental aspects of food, according to Rabobank analysts.
Africa farmer and donkey

Agri Investor Forum 2016: Delegates eyeing Latin America

Latin America proved popular among delegates, but political unrest and liquidity challenges exist.

Agri Investor Forum 2016: Farmland’s barriers to entry

The heavy concentration of ownership within local markets is among the factors making it difficult for investors to access opportunities, panelists said

Agri Investor Forum 2016: ESG makes financial sense

At the Agri Investor forum in Chicago last week, delegates discussed the convergence of financial, environmental and social governance considerations in agricultural investments worldwide.

Agri Investor Forum 2016: Finding private equity’s role in agtech

Panellists discussed the opportunities for private equity in agtech.

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