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Climate change will be one of the biggest issues for the agriculture investment market in the next 10 years, delegates at a recent agriculture conference in London told John Giles, divisional director with Promar International.
Louisa Burwood-Taylor, Editor, Agri Investor
The signing of the Global Alliance for Climate-Smart Agriculture and other climate initiatives are exciting developments but expose scepticism in investors.
The global development group is dedicating 60% of its budget to help 500m farmers in developing nations, according to a UN Climate Summit announcement.
The private equity industry is taking development issues more seriously when searching for new investments in agriculture and other sectors.
The German airline is currently talking to three investment firms about taking on a GP role for the fund, which will invest into farmland and basic processing.
In the fourth in the series, Geoff Burke, co-founder of Agro-Ecological, explains how regenerative agriculture techniques are intrinsic to the firm's approach to farming in New Zealand.
UN PRI signatories have expressed concerns about the environmental impact of agriculture on water systems and supply.
Louisa Burwood-Taylor, Editor, Agri Investor
An expanding universe of sustainable agri investment offerings could produce higher yields than conventional farming techniques.
Asia Climate Partners will invest in third party agri and forestry funds as well as making direct investments. It is targeting $750m with a $1bn hard cap.
To build its first large-scale biosolids-to-fertliser facility, VitAg issued tax-exempt bonds and equity to a range of institutional, private equity and strategic investors including a TPG affiliate.

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