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Getting the right information on an agricultural asset like soil and water quality, and then figuring out how much it is worth, takes careful investigation, and mistakes can be made all too easily.
The US market for legal cannabis products grew by up to 90 percent last year, but legal as well as reputational concerns continue to keep professional investors at bay.
It’s not all doom and gloom in the region’s agri sector, as risks and opportunities vary wildly by country.
With land values and operational profits from US agriculture softening, institutions must take a selective approach to investing in the country's farmland.
The window of opportunity for agri investors in Africa seems to be opening, but investors still face big risks.
And can the alternative fertiliser technology make a comeback on the investor agenda?
As climate change threatens us with more extreme weather conditions, Agri Investor editor Clare Pennington looks at global water-management challenges around the world.
How is China reshaping Australia’s agricultural business landscape? How are timberland investment strategies in the Americas changing? New Agri Investor Clare Pennington highlights some of the key topics we will focus on in the months ahead.
CDC’s recent ESG toolkit for fund managers is a helpful guide for agri investors as the sector scales and sensitivities abound.
Australian Pastoral Funds Management recently took Agri Investor on a tour of northern Queensland cattle ranch Neumayer Valley Station – and talked about a number of core industry issues along the way.

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