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Tricky terrain: The UK farmland market

With still much to be decided about Britain’s economic future outside the EU, uncertainty is weighing on deal volume and value. But there are unexpected winners, we explain in a couple of charts.

Happy lending? Credit to agriculture, US vs Germany

Fresh datasets by the FAO allow for comparisons of credit trends across the globe. We look at how agriculture has fared relative to other sectors in two of the largest developed economies.

On the back burner? Wood for bioenergy, US vs Canada

After a boom last year, Canada’s wood pellet exports are slowing down. What about the US? We analyze the country’s main customers in an interactive chart.

Land for your bucks: European rents compared

Over the past 10 years, the EU’s statistics agency has been harmonizing country data to make land prices and rents comparable across the bloc. This week, we look at rents.

The grass is greener: European land prices, compared

Over the last 10 years, the EU’s statistics agency has worked on harmonizing country data and patching up information gaps to make land prices and rents comparable across the bloc. We take a look at the first set of results.

Taking stock: Listed agri

If you don’t want to go into private equity, there’s always listed agribusiness. We take a 10-year look at whether the strategy is worth it.

Rollover buyers keep UK farmland prices buoyant

A limited supply of properties and a strong interest from tax-driven investors are keeping valuations firm, according to Strutt & Parker.

Tapping the wire: Indian Agri’s hunger for power

Despite its emergence as a manufacturing champion, the subcontinent’s farmers still account for a sizeable share of electricity consumption. We explore why in a couple of charts.

Cropping up: Farm real estate debt is set for record

Low interest and strong crop yields are prompting US farmers to borrow ever more. Are they still solvable? Here is our answer in two charts.

Corn to be wild: Love for the grain spreads beyond the Heartland

US corn acreage remains concentrated in the Midwest, but its use as input for food and fuel has widened its appeal among states. Our interactive maps take stock of maize democratization since the start of the millennium.