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Aerial shot of farmland growing wheat, with rows of trees in between fields
Agri Investor visits Kilter Rural's seed asset in NSW to see how it will to transform a series of farms into carbon-positive and biodiverse natural capital assets.
Fresh Strawberries
The firm has already deployed approximately 40% of the vehicle and has had a A$1.5bn bid accepted by listed Australian agribusiness Costa Group.
Amazon river in Brazil
Mombak’s Amazon Reforestation Fund has sold 30% of its 10-year projected output at a price point bettered only by the EU’s emissions trading scheme.
Policies such as the USDA’s Partnerships for Climate Smart Commodities are putting regenerative ag higher on LP priority lists.
US undersecretary says $3bn Climate Smart Commodities program can think beyond cap and trade and work creatively to scale agtech alongside farm and land managers.
Climate change and energy minister Chris Bowen said decarbonization plans will be set for agriculture and five other sectors, without sector-specific emissions reduction targets being imposed.
Greenhouse with integrated solar panels
The manager has set its sights on building out up to 150ha of strategically located greenhouses across Europe that will repurpose waste heat, energy and CO2.
Climate change is causing financial issues for the agriculture sector, particularly when it comes to feed prices, says the FAIRR Initiative’s climate economist.
Although the value of natural capital is being recognized, tighter regulation, greater financial incentives and a cultural shift will all be required in agri to safeguard returns and the environment.
The voluntary carbon credits market is all the rage, but is a multitude of methodologies making it hard for investors to find the right direction? Joel Kranc reports.

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