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Ukraine’s EU accession negotiations started in December 2023 and membership would improve conditions for institutional investment, but those prospects must first surmount opposition from farmers already in the bloc.
Aerial shot of crops growing on the Sunshine Farms Aggregation in NSW, Australia
The third acquisition for the Roc Agri+ Infrastructure Fund is also Roc Partners’ first agricultural investment in New Zealand.
Inside: Farming for the future: regenerative agriculture is taking root; Onshore fishing fails to take off with investors; Expert comment from Vayda, Manulife and Nuveen; Plus much more...
Practices based on working with nature are gaining momentum, but regenerative agriculture still has some teething troubles.
Fishing illustration
There is an urgent need to safeguard the biodiversity of our oceans by switching to onshore fishing, but capital has not been deployed at scale.
Robotic arms picking crops
Cost pressures have given artificial intelligence an open door to transform agriculture forever.
A shift towards sustainability is fueling interest in impact investing.
Reduced political programming at the 17th Peoples Company Land Investment Expo could not dislodge policy from the center of discussion amid a cloudy outlook for the US ag sector.
2023 was another year in which the voluntary carbon market’s failings were heavily criticized but there were also positive notable milestones such as a $50 credit and the VCMI’s global rulebook.
The nascent debt restructuring facility has been lauded as a silver bullet for conservation finance in some quarters, but needs to continue its growth if it is to have a material global impact.

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