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Seven case studies show the potential of impact investing within agri.
As the sector grows, organic agriculture is facing a string of possibilities and challenges.
The asset class had a positive 2021 as tailwinds gave the industry momentum for attracting investors.
With water an increasingly scarce resource in many places, using it efficiently has never been more important. Its effective use can help regenerate environments and lead to more productive agricultural systems.
Before FAIRR, investors did not realize the relevance of the global protein sector’s impact on climate change.
In the magazine: More crop per drop – how to use water responsibility; Organic ag is at the crossroads; Investors get to grips with the natural world; Keynote interviews with Nuveen Natural Capital, Laguna Bay, UBS Asset Management, Manulife Investment Management and AAM Investment Group; Plus much more…
PDI Agri 2021 Key trends
Investors are increasingly willing to walk away from funds that lag in DE&I.

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