Retail prices for avocados in Australia are tracking 47% below the five-year average thanks to an oversupply following large harvests in 2021-22.
Panorama of spring forest
The pair have partnered to launch a natural capital asset manager that will invest in natural climate solutions in Southeast Asia.
Copenhagen Merchants’ Gert Bosscher draws on more than 35 years’ experience in assessing a 30 percent likelihood of success for any grain corridor negotiated between Ukraine and Russia.
The firm has collaborated with Conservation International, a global non-profit, to form Akaria Natural Capital.
Beekeeper in full suit lifts up beehive
Steward ownership models that cap returns to support social mission and partnership with public and philanthropic networks are among the financing options needed in global ag, says the TIFS Initiatives’ Rex Raimond.
The Colorado-based agtech start-up also attracted investment from restaurant chain Chipotle Mexican Grill's new $50m venture fund Cultivate Next.
Chief executive Ryan Lefers says an $18.5m bridge round of convertible-note financing in April helped the KAUST spin-out prepare a Q4 launch for an equity round for its saltwater-based farming systems.
Food trade, supply chain
Ukraine’s removal from global markets has driven food and ag to the top of public agendas, raising questions on which foreign investors are welcome and where.
Food service, distribution
GS Foods Group adds to its food distribution portfolio as its continues to expand its footprint across the US.
Vehicles backed by GCC countries and Singapore have been the main drivers of a doubling of SWF participation in food and ag deals over the past five years, says IE University’s Javier Capapé.

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